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Event Name:Bank Marketing 2018 – Rebrand or Die? Consequences of Brand
Date:Thursday, November 1, 2018 1:00pm CDT
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Lisa Beck  (Bio)

Lisa is a nationally recognized strategic marketing executive and business development professional with an extensive background in the financial services and mid-sized business arena. She has successfully transitioned brands and created a national brand with three unique business units. Lisa’s experience encompasses a broad spectrum of financial industry knowledge, skills and experience. Skilled at developing and leading teams to successfully achieve growth plans, she demonstrates a proven success creating sales and marketing strategies on a national platform evolving brands to match business objectives.

Credits:1.2 AAP, 1.0 CPE Credit

Who wants to do business with a stodgy, old fashioned brand? We all like new, fresh and more importantly these days – clear messages and easy to understand product sets. With the average cost of acquiring a new customer over $200.00, you want to keep the ones you have and add more. Hard to do in an industry where attrition rates are up to 25% for first year bank customers. Oh, and those pesky millennials aren’t known for brand loyalty either.

A well-defined brand with a clear message can go a long way towards growth and retention as well as increasing wallet share.

CEO’s at many financial institutions are aware that their brand is a muddled mess of messages. Yet many times CEO’s say “I just need to convince the board to spend the money. Do you have any statistics on ROI or improved earnings from renewing a brand?”

In this marketing webinar, learn the ins and outs of what a rebrand entails, it is more than a new logo, new website and signage, and learn if a rebrand is what your institution might need to reenergize and remain relevant in the future.

Additionally, learn statistical information that can support your team’s efforts as you present the idea of a rebrand to the board.