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Event Name:Community Banking Forum – Ideas and Trends to Help Your Bank Compete (5 Live Online Webinars + Playbacks)
Date:Thursday, October 18, 2018 8:30am CDT
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Wipfli CPAs and Consultants  (Bio)

With over 2,000 associates, 49 offices in the United States and two offices in India, Wipfli ranks among the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. Wipfli is also a member of Allinial Global, an accounting firm association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in North America and throughout the world through international members and partnerships.

We enjoy a solid reputation as industry experts and as a trusted business advisor to more than 60,000 clients including: manufacturing companies, construction companies, contractors and developers, real estate companies, health care organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations, units of government, dealerships, and individuals.

The firm serves businesses of various sizes, from large public and private companies, to closely held family-owned businesses. Whether we’re helping clients streamline processes, improve performance, leverage the right technology, or increase financial success, we offer innovative, effective, and personalized services to help clients overcome their business challenges today and plan for tomorrow.

Credits:6.0 AAP Credits, 5.0 CPE Credits

The Community Banking Forum has been designed exclusively for executive officers and board members of community banks. This special day-long series of 5 live banking webinars is hosted by Wipfli CPAs and Consultants, and broadcast exclusively from BankersHub. This exciting event for community banks and credit unions will provide you and your staff with information on and insight into current topics that are deeply impacting community banks today. The speakers, topics, and value-added information, combined with the opportunity to network with your peers, make this event one you will not want to miss!

WEBINAR #1: Economy – Good, but With A Caveat |  8:30am CT

The Economic Forecast. Attend this entertaining and informative presentation on the economy and banking. Learn from Dr. Eisenberg how GDP growth will perform, how labor markets and wages will do, what path interest rates are likely to follow and how a whole host of other economic variables (including consumer confidence, new automobile sales, household leverage levels and energy prices) will behave and the market will perform. Dr. Eisenberg will look at credit conditions, default and foreclosure rates, the impact of student debt and more. He will then briefly turn his attention to the condition of all state economies and compare local economies with each other.

WEBINAR #2: Top Five Actions You Can Take to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Cyber Crime |  9:30am CT

You can’t have an effective cybersecurity strategy if you don’t know what you’re up against. Cyber crime has evolved to more targeted attacks, leading to account takeover, financial scams, web attacks and even extortion. This cyber webinar will cover the most common cyber threats against financial institutions, the top five actions to take to prevent becoming a victim and what you should be doing to prepare for responding to an incident.

WEBINAR #3: FinTech Update: How Banks are Moving Forward |  10:45am CT

New technologies and innovations that aim to compete with traditional financial services are emerging. Banks are struggling with digital transformation strategies and how to stay relevant in the new marketplace. This session will include:

  • An overview of digital transformation and how FinTech fits in.
  • The current landscape of FinTech.
  • Results of our research and what we’ve learned over the past year.
  • A panel discussion about digital transformation, FinTech, and the industry (and Q&A).
  • Where and how to get started.

WEBINAR #4: Coloring Outside the Lines – Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs |  1:15pm CT

This fast-paced, fun and content-rich program combines Jeff Tobe’s presentation on how to go beyond service to consider the customer experience with lessons learned from Steve Jobs on creativity and innovation. Interspersed in Jeff’s presentation are clips from a never-seen-before interview conducted in 1995 with Steve Jobs. Jeff inspires thought and discussion with participants on the future of the financial services profession, considering where it has been and where it is going. Jeff ties it all together by getting people to think like Steve Jobs thought. No matter what your past impressions of Jobs might have been, he was a master of ‘disruption’ and Tobe provokes audiences to think about how they might disrupt the banking profession AND become more “customer-centric.” We now have to consider our customer ‘touchpoints’, take ownership and tweak them to change the customer experience leading to attaining and retaining customers.

WEBINAR #5: Enhancing Shareholder Value – Growth Culture Required |  2:30pm CT

Think about this question: If your number one customer left your bank today, do you have enough growth potential to not be hurt by this event, or could you make up the lost revenue in a very short period of time?

In today’s ever-changing banking environment, retention and growth of accounts are the keys to success for community banks. But how do you embrace a growth and sales culture without sacrificing customer service? We will be exploring ideas to help your bank increase revenue while retaining and growing your business with existing customers. This will involve looking at customers in a new way and figuring out how to offer them products that can provide the most positive impact to their business. Sales is not about selling a product or service. Sales is about helping our customers achieve what they are trying to accomplish. Our goal is to help you to do this.