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Take the next step and experience a new level of self-awareness, industry knowledge and local/regional/ national comparative insight.

Mystery Shopping

Realize first class customer experiences and interactions.

RateWatch has partnered with IntelliShop, a leader in the emerging field of customer experience improvement. Working closely with you to understand your needs, we design a program to measure and improve all aspects of the customer experience, including onsite, online and on the phone. A standardized pilot program is also available.

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Hone your skills and build your knowledge.

RateWatch works with top companies to bring you a wide variety of events and multiple ways to participate (live, on-demand, CD/Handouts). Topics range from deposit and loan pricing to market trends with most offering educational credits.

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Industry Surveys

Impact your strategy with national survey results.

See how bankers respond to such hot topics as regulation changes and emerging products. Also, understand consumer behavior and preferences in key areas. Responses are gathered from across the country with results reported and analyzed. Multiple survey reports are produced throughout the year.

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Joint Solutions/Strategic Partnerships

Receive added benefits from multi-partner relationships.

RateWatch unites with other prominent companies to form a synergistic relationship for our clients. Combined resources and industry expertise creates added value and benefit.

Pricing Impact Analysis

Enrich your asset liability management processes.

See how your loan and deposit rates impact your income compared to the rates of your peers. View loan, funding and investment compositions, compare assets, liabilities and equity, and more. The Pricing Impact Analysis Tool is based on call report data, covers all banks & thrifts, and data is published 4 days after the call report deadline.

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Keep informed about hot industry topics.

Distributed monthly, RateWatch's emailed newsletter, "RateTalk", drops industry news insight, as well as highlights of current and upcoming RateWatch specials and events, directly to your inbox.


Enhance customer engagement and change the CD conversation.

With CoreCD®, CD shoppers can see the real value and ultimate return on their investment for each CD offering you have. Plus - leverage your RateWatch subscription to show how your offerings compare to your competitors'.

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