CoreCD® - A New Level of Customer Engagement

Empower your team to change the CD conversation.  With CoreCD® Base, CD shoppers can see the real value and ultimate return on their investment for each CD offering you have. 

Plus –leverage your RateWatch subscription to show how your offerings compare to your competitors’.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply enter the amount the customer is looking to invest.
  • Return results with available offerings showing Term, Rate, Compounding, APY and, most importantly, Estimated Value at Maturity.
  • To compare to others, select the offering of choice, then select which institutions to display in the comparison.
  • An easy to read format dollarizes the options for your customer.
  • Talking in a language they can easily understand gets great results!

The tool also allows you to customize offerings to determine the customer’s return as well as compare two offerings to identify market conditions needed to make one option equal in value to the next.

Watch this video to see the above in action!

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