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What will help bring clients to you to discuss your investment services? What are consumer expectations for future loans? How do your Mobile Banking offerings compare to what the industry is doing? What are consumers looking for in their banking relationships? Learn more about new and evolving industry topics with RateWatch surveys.

Nationwide surveys are conducted online and responses are compiled into a report format with charts and graphs to easily review the findings. Results are displayed as a whole for all respondents and also broken out into cohort groupings. 

Attracting Millennials In an Evolving Digital Banking Landscape
Price - $129

Millennials are seen as the prized consumer; they now represent the largest living generation. Many studies have tried to figure out this mysterious group, and ultimately they are still a mystery. This survey takes key points discovered in our latest consumer survey, Millennial Goals: Lifestyle, Money and Banking, and polls bankers to see what they are doing to specifically attract Millennials. We examine what types of technology they are offering in terms of digital banking, what marketing strategies they are using and what new products and services are being developed to serve this generation.   
June, 2017


Millennial Goals: Lifestyle, Money, and Banking
Price - $179

Millennials are like no other generation before them. Born between 1980 and 1996, this mysterious generation is now launching out on their own.  They have seen technological advances at a pace like never before.  Their economic memory is low rates, a difficult jobs environment and a fight for a livable wage. This survey seeks to tap into this young group and understand their perspective on life and financial goals, frustrations about money, and how they want to do business with their financial institutions. While many in the generations before them feel millennials can be self-centered, impatient, and lazy, we found that they have goals and are planning for them.
January, 2017


Monetizing Digital Banking Products For Small Business Customers
Price - $249

Digital banking offers huge potential to improve customer interactions and to deepen banking relationships with small businesses. Yet financial institutions too often give core digital banking services away for free. Unlike consumers, a wide range of small businesses are readily willing to pay for these services. This paper is third in a series of survey-based studies. The two previous publications focused specifically on product design and pricing of mobile banking applications for small business customers. This year’s study aims to supplement and expand upon our previous work. We broaden our focus from the mobile channel to digital banking as a whole. 
December, 2016


Security Breaches and Identity Theft—Consumer Actions and Opinions
Price - $179

Attacks on personal and financial information are escalating and are a growing concern for both consumers and financial institutions. As new technologies are developed to combat fraudulent activity, new ways to access, steal, and use personal information all around the world are engineered. As financial institutions navigate to find a balance of keeping their clients safe and providing up-to-date technology, RateWatch is exploring the consumer perspective of security breaches and identity theft to better understand the level of concern consumers have, their satisfaction with their financial institution response to fraud, and what steps they take when it comes to protecting their identity. 
February, 2016


Preparing for a Rising Rate Environment: The Landscape Transformed
Price - Free

An impending Fed Funds rate change has many in the banking industry in unfamiliar territory and others feeling rusty. This has the vast majority of bankers taking a closer look at planning and seriously thinking about how to strategize for rising rates. Strategies range from keeping tabs on the economy and market conditions (keeping the pulse of when and how the industry may change) to analyzing current and historical competitor data and “what if” scenarios (helping to understand how changes will play out) to making some changes now such as raising loan rates (getting ahead of increasing deposit rates and limiting margin loss). The following report shows a review of major events effecting and shaping the banking industry over the last 15 years, displays how the banking landscape has been changing over the last 15 years, and provides input from bankers regarding what they are doing in the face of a new era.
October, 2015


2nd Annual Monetizing Mobile Banking For Small Business Customers
Price - $299

Have you reached the true potential of your small business mobile banking program? Nearly 85% of small business today either use mobile banking now or they show the potential to use - 55% of those that have never used the service say they have a need for it or it would be nice to have. Are your clients engaged and are you able to monetize their use? This study will help you refine your Small Business Mobile Banking service identifying: A four-step framework for defining and pricing winning mobile banking solutions; Current small business usage of mobile banking and potential for increase; A breakdown of mobile banking service categories; Top features valued overall with a comparison to last year; Top features valued in each service category; 6 customer clusters and their typical banking behaviors; Suggested service package designs with a new modular approach; and suggested pricing models.
October, 2015


Seeking a New Banking Relationship—As Competition Heats Up
Price - $179

Closures. Mergers. Branch Downsizing. The banking landscape is getting smaller. But fewer competitors doesn’t mean a less competitive playing field. What are you doing to ensure the satisfaction of your current customers and bring in new ones? A first step is understanding the key factors to attracting consumers and what could drive them away. As a revised version of our most popular survey conducted in April 2013, with even more questions added, this survey aims to understand what consumers look for when considering a new financial institution and what factors go into their decision making process.
July, 2015


Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments—What Consumers Value
Price - $179

Value is key. Attaining and retaining customers is dependent on the value provided to them. For financial institutions, this could be in the rates offered, the fees charged (or not), or the level of customer service provided. And with increasing prominence, value is seen in the convenience added to customers’ lives through services like mobile banking. This survey aims to understand consumers’ use and views of mobile banking as well as the burgeoning service of mobile payments.
January, 2015


4th Annual Mobile Banking—The continued evolution of banking from the bankers' perspective
Price - $119

Consumers say they want mobile banking, but are they really using it? Despite what may feel like a slow growth process, bankers across the country are continuing to add the service and increase capabilities. This survey aims to understand how financial institutions are offering these services, how their customers are utilizing them and what results have been seen.
October, 2014


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