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Event Name:How to Talk to your CEO about Social and Digital Marketing
Date:Wednesday, December 5, 2018 11:00am CST
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Lisa Beck  (Bio)

Lisa is a nationally recognized strategic marketing executive and business development professional with an extensive background in the financial services and mid-sized business arena. She has successfully transitioned brands and created a national brand with three unique business units. Lisa’s experience encompasses a broad spectrum of financial industry knowledge, skills and experience. Skilled at developing and leading teams to successfully achieve growth plans, she demonstrates a proven success creating sales and marketing strategies on a national platform evolving brands to match business objectives.

Credits:1.2 AAP Credits, 1.0 CPE Credit

Social Media and Digital Marketing are now considered traditional marketing, yet many CEO’s and senior management teams are still balking at implementing marketing campaigns through these channels. Instead, institutions are posting pictures of their oldest customer with their birthday cupcake or reminding everyone the bank will be closed on President’s Day. All positive posts, but social channels can do so much more for your institution.

Unfortunately, financial institutions, especially smaller ones, still lag significantly behind the larger competitors with developing, implementing and achieving goals related to social media. This is particularly evident in an ABA study that showed just how much financial institutions are lagging in leveraging social media.

“There’s clearly work to be done. Only a minority of respondents strongly agreed with the following statements that characterize a robust social media strategy:
• We have developed a clear statement of the goals we want to accomplish through social media. (17%)
• We have implemented a plan for what time of day we post on social media. (18%)
• We have implemented a plan for how frequently we post. (33%)
• The social media channels we use align with the target audience we are trying to reach. (23%)”
“State of Social Media in Banking”, (c) 2017, American Banking Association, p13

Attendees to this social media event will leave with a better understanding of questions and statements such as:

  • Why can’t I see our posts on Facebook? -this is a SMH question, but I know CEO’s ask so we’ll give an answer
  • With the new Facebook algorithm no one is going to see what we do anyway.
  • How do we avoid compliance issues?
  • Our customers don’t want to engage on social, we don’t even have many Facebook followers
  • Our current messaging platform works just fine — yet they can’t define fine and say they want more customers, so it must not be working so fine

Over the course of an hour, attendees to this timely banking webinar will get answers for the statements and questions your CEO puts forth as the barrier to your institution joining the 21st century and prepare yourself.

This will be fun and helpful and you’ll walk away with verbiage to help you have a conversation with your C-suite about social media interaction.

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