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Event Name:OFAC, BSA and Beneficial Ownership for Community Banks: Keeping Sanctions Management Current and Robust
Date:Tuesday, November 27, 2018 11:00am CST
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Timothy R. White, CAMS   (Bio)

Timothy R. White, CAMS is a BSA & OFAC Automation Specialist for Banker’s Toolbox, Inc., a leading provider of BSA & OFAC automation to the financial institution marketplace. Tim has licensed BSA and OFAC compliance software to over a 1,400 financial institutions since 1994 when he started working in the OFAC compliance arena.

Credits:1.2 AAP Credits, 1.0 CPE Credit

The sanctions landscape is evolving and becoming more challenging and complex than ever before. Increasing globalization means financial institutions and money service businesses are generally exposed to greater sanctions risks, operational and oversight challenges, and obligations to comply with sanctions administered by multiple jurisdictions and agencies.

This information is a ‘must-see’ BSA webinar for your entire Compliance, Audit, BSA and Regulatory Personnel to ensure that your institution is staying current with the ever-changing regulations and requirements around OFAC as well as the new Beneficial Ownership rules. Don’t forget that your registration also gets you the recorded playback that does NOT expire and may be viewed by anyone within your institution.

BSA Webinar Agenda:

  • General Overview (List Basics)
    • List Due Diligence and Management
      • Are Your Vendor Helping or Hurting ?
    • Do Some Lists Present More Risk Than Others?
    • How Many Lists Are There? Which Lists Do You Need?
  • What Should Be Checked When There Is A Match?
    • Sanction Programs and Tags
  • Update of OFAC Sanctions Programs “The Politics and the Actual Changes”
    • CAATSA: Iran, North Korea & Russia
    • Iran USA stepping away from the JCPOA agreement
    • Russia Magnitsky Sanctions go Global
    • Cuba “ non –designated Cubans in America”
    • Venezuela
  • What’s New in Exam Trends “Hot Spots”
    • Customer Due Diligence & Beneficial Ownership
      • OFAC Screening of Beneficial Owners is Required!
    • Testing -Transaction Testing with Spaces and hyphens removed from names: i.e. “Bashar al-Assad” and “BasharalAssad”
    • Monitoring – Best Practices: What are the filter settings? And Why?
    • Policies – Immediate steps to take: Create a risk based policy statement
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