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Event Name:Small Business Lending Fundamentals for Banks and Credit Unions (2-Part Series)
Date:Friday, December 7, 2018 11:00am CST
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: John Barrickman  (Bio)

For 27 years, John Barrickman has served as President of New Horizons Financial Group, a financial services industry consulting firm nationally recognized as an expert in the areas of comprehensive credit risk management, credit process, loan policy formation, asset quality rating frameworks, risk based pricing and lender development. John is a frequent speaker and subject matter expert on credit policies and procedures at industry events nationwide. John is also a Consulting Associate for Capital Performance Group.

Credits:3.6 AAP Credits, 3.0 CPE Credits

Many banks are focusing on small business lending to grow loan volume and core deposits. To compete with marketplace lenders, banks are capitalizing on their traditional strengths in knowledge of the customer, local loan decisions and greater flexibility in underwriting, structure and pricing to create a compelling value proposition for the commercial borrower. To remain competitive banks must streamline their underwriting of small business loans.

Branch managers, relationship managers and small business lenders are expected to source small business lending opportunities and grow the relationship with the customer. Unfortunately, many of these individuals do not have the skills to identify good lending opportunities, talk intelligently with small business people about their business, or recommend appropriate bank lending products. Compounding the problem, many of these individuals do not know what information to request from the borrower to support the request nor can they identify potential problems with the application and discuss appropriate mitigants. Many do not know how to underwrite a loan request to determine if the prospective borrower is credit worthy.

This business banking webinar will provide the participant with tools to:

  • Source better small business lending opportunities
  • Better match bank products and services to meet customer needs
  • More efficiently underwrite small business loans
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Add value to the customer relationship

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • Prescreening the application
  • Determining financing needs in a small business and alternatives to meet those needs
  • Employing “30 Second” analysis to determine if the potential lending opportunity is one the bank should pursue
  • Analyzing corporate and personal tax returns
  • Assessing business and personal cash flow and the borrower’s ability to repay
  • Applying a series of decision rules to determine if a loan request meets basic bank underwriting guidelines
  • Evaluating the owner/management team
  • Applying the concepts in a case study
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